Winter 2015 Awards

Discovery Centre Halifax

Halifax, NS. $5,000 in support of the Science Meets the Road Program.

Lifecorps International

Richmond Hill, ON.  $5,000 in support of the Food Share Program.

Green Thumbs

Toronto, ON.  $5,000. 

Hot Docs

Toronto, ON.  $5,000 towards the Doc Soup Film Series.

Children’s Hearing & Speech Centre

Vancouver, BC.  $5,000 in support of the First Words Program.

Regent Park School of Music

Toronto, ON.  $5,000 in support of music education for children in the Regent Park area of Toronto.

Safe Drinking Water Foundation

Saskatoon, SK.  $2,000 for tools & education for students in Canada’s Western & Central Provinces.

The Mosaic Institute

Toronto, ON.  $5,000 in support of a summer internship focused in the areas of conflict resolution, Canadian public policy, diversity, & project development.

Miistakis Institute

Calgary, AB.  $5,000 in support of a project to increase watershed quality through the use of beavers.

Quidi Vidi/Rennie's River Development Foundation

St. John’s, NL.  $5,000 in support of environmental education programs for K-12 students.

Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra

Thunder Bay, ON.  $5,000 in support of music education programs.

Perform! - Theatre Nova Scotia

Halifax, NS.  $5,000 in support of school outreach program.

The Manitoba Museum

Winnipeg, MB.  $5,000 in support of the Y-Access Program.

National Youth Orchestra

Toronto, ON.  $6,000.

National Ballet of Canada

Toronto, ON.  $7,500 in support of the YOU Dance Program.

Black Artists’ Networks Dialogue

Toronto, ON.  $5,000.

Heritage Sutton Historical Society

Sutton, QC.  $5,000.

Univeristy of Northern British Columbia

Prince George, BC. $6,000 in support of scholarship in International Studies.

The Peer Project

Toronto, ON.  $5,000 in support of the Group Mentoring Program.

TreeTops Community Forest

Parry Sound, ON.  $10,000.

The Art of Time Ensemble

Toronto, ON.  $10,000.

On Site Placement

Edmonton, AB.  $6,000 in support of the Burke Temporary Employment Agency.

Women in Need Calgary

Calgary, AB.  $7,000.

Calgary Counselling Centre

Calgary, AB.  $7,000.

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