Summer 2018 Awards

Ballet Jorgen Canada

Toronto, ON.  $3,500

Bishop’s University

Lennoxville, QC.  $10,000

Big Brothers & Sisters of Guelph

Guelph, ON. $3,000

Boundless Adventures Association

Palmer Rapids, ON.  $5,000

Caladonia Agricultural Society

Caladonia, ON.  $3,000

Calgary Centre for Performing Arts

Calgary, AB.  $3,000

Canadian Diabetes Association

Edmonton, AB.  $5,000

Canadian Gay & Lesbian Archives

Toronto, ON.  $2,000

Christie Refugee Welcome Centre

Toronto, ON. $3,000

Concerts in Care

Toronto, ON. $3,000

Earth Rangers Foundation

Woodbridge, ON.  $2,000

Eyaa-Keen Centre Inc.

Winnipeg, MB.  $2,000

 Kawartha Lakes Food Source

Lindsay, ON.  $3,500

Manitoba Chamber Orchestra

Winnipeg, MB.  $3,000

National Indigenous Economic Education Fund

Edmonton, AB.  $3,000

Nightwood Theatre

Toronto, ON. $2,000

OneProsper International

Ottawa, ON.  $3,300

Regent Park School of Music

Toronto, ON.  $5,000

Safe Drinking Water Foundation

Saskatoon, SK.  $3,000

Students on Ice Foundation

Gatineau, QC.  $10,000

Sustainable Food Edmonton

Edmonton, AB.  $5,000

Fringe of Toronto Theatre Festival

Toronto, ON.  $2,000

The Manitoba Museum

Winnipeg, MB.  $3,000

The Toronto Children's Chorus

Toronto, ON. $1,500

Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra

Winnipeg, MB. $5,000

Vancouver Island Symphony

Nanaimo, BC.  $3,000

Association for the Advancement of Science & Engineering Education

Calgary, AB.  $15,000

Oldman Watershed Council

Lethbridge, AB.  $10,000

Crow’s Theatre

Toronto, ON.  $5,000

Avalanche Canada Foundation

Canmore, AB.  $3,000

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