Summer 2015 Awards

Manitoba Conservatory of Music

Winnipeg, MB.  $5,000 in support of the Outreach Program.

The Hearing Foundation of Canada

Toronto, ON.  $5,000 to help address issues of hearing loss through supporting medical research in auditory sciences, public education about hearing loss, and prevention programs.

Cabbagetown Community Arts Centre

Toronto, ON.  $3,000 for one-on-one music instruction for children in low income neighborhoods of Toronto.

The Boundless School

Palmer Rapids, ON.  $3,000 towards the in school program.

Geordie Productions

Montreal, QC.  $3,000 in support of theatre productions aimed towards young children in Montreal, rural Quebec, Eastern Canada, Ontario, and the North-Western United States.

Deep River Science Academy

Deep River, ON.  $5,000 towards the Summer Science Immersion Program.

Salle Alec et Gerard Pelletier

Sutton, QC.  $5,000 in support of performances, films, workshops in the performing arts, and other cultural activities in Sutton.

Indigenous Pathways

Carlisle, ON.  $10,000 in support of a summer camp program for indigenous children & youth in Northern Ontario.

La Crete Agricultural Society

La Crete, AB.  $5,000 for continued programming and historical site maintenance.

University of Northern British Columbia

Prince George, BC.  $4,000 in support of scholarship in International Studies.

Fondation de la visite

Montreal, QC.  $2,000 towards support for parents of newborns.

Farm Radio International

Ottawa, ON.  $2,000 in support of a radio network providing useful information to small scale African farmers across the continent.

Association for the Advancement of Science & Engineering Education

Calgary, AB.  $8,000 in support of the advancement of science & engineering education among K-12 students.

Alberta Science Network

Calgary, AB.  $5,000 for the Scientists & Engineers in Classroom Program.

Crow’s Theatre

Toronto, ON.  $5,000.

The Women’s Centre of Calgary

Calgary, AB.  $10,000 in support of the Girl Power Program.


Vancouver, BC.  $5,000 towards The Girl Fund.

Partners in the Horn of Africa

Enderby, BC.  $5,000.

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